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This is small example of motion design

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved animation and experimenting with all kinds of techniques to create the effect of movement with images.

When it comes to video editing, Premiere Pro and After Effects are my strengths and over the years, I have gained vital experience which has allowed me to effectively and efficiently provide it in the highest quality.

In addition, I like to experiment with different software such as Adobe Animate, Modul8 and others. This helps me create new and different ways to explore animating.

In the last year, with time abundant, I began a personal project mixing my love for drawing and coding. Mixing techniques from traditional animation, like anchor points into CSS, has been a real game changer that has allowed my animations to have better resolution with almost no weight on the file.

Combined with the fact that CSS can have different states directly on a website with simple JavaScript code, there is more possibility to interactive user experience with full resolution.

Finally, CSS 3D possibilities are also here to play and explore.

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